Friday, September 26, 2008

We need a middle name

We had 2 names picked out, Jack Asher, and Joseph Henry. I like both of them but am leaning more towards Jack, but then a friend pointed out to me that Jack Asher sounds too much like Jack Ass and Jonathan had someone at work point out the same thing. So, we need a middle name to go with Jack and I'm stumped. I'm thinking anything that starts with "A" is out. Any ideas?

I welcome all ideas, I just ask that no one be offended if I don't use them. I'm open to other first name ideas too. I kind of like Charlie. We want to have a few names picked out but we are definitely waiting until we meet the little man before we assign him a name.


little b said...

Is there a family name you could use as a middle name? What about Lane, since that would pull in your maiden name?

Jack is becoming a popular name. It just came up in a conversation about names at playgroup this week. I like it.

Sheryl said...

I hadn't thought about that one. I thought of Thomas. But then Jonathan asked if he could call him Jack-Tom when we're out on the farm.

I think we may go with Joseph Asher as one option though.

Jennifer Harris said...

I like Jack Henry.

Jennifer Harris said...

I also really like Joseph Henry. I like the name Joe.