Sunday, September 14, 2008

Video: We're having a baby!

I absolutely love this video. The camera work isn't the best, it's hard to hug people and shoot video at the same time. But it does a great job capturing how excited everyone is about this baby. I can't wait to show it to him/her someday.

There are a few others that we didn't get on video that I don't want to forget. We went to Allan's birthday party that same weekend and forgot to take the camera but had a blast spreading the news. When we got there Christoper came to me and said, "Aunt Sheryl, tell everyone the exciting news." Apparently he was talking about telling people but Karen explained to him that he had to let us do that. It was very cute.

Michelle Glaze screamed wildly. Her husband Gordy looked at Jonathan and said, "Well at least you know your pecker works." And Daniel, who I started babysitting 16 years ago when he was 3, came running across the driveway screaming. And every time he would see me he would use this high squeaky voice and say "your having a baby!"

Lisa was another screamer, and Allan was beside himself too. I called my nanny and told her over the phone, she was thrilled and said that she hopes she lives to meet the little one.

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Karen said...

Holy cow, I am totally crying watching how your parents reacted, Sheryl. Reminds me of my mum when I told her I was pregnant.

I'm such a sap.