Saturday, September 20, 2008

UT Football: Hook Em' Horns!

The end of August is one of my favorite times of year, for many reasons. It means a break in the heat is coming but more importantly it means it's time for UT football. I grew up being forced to watch UT play and also watch the Dallas Cowboys, at the time I hated it. The first game I enjoyed watching was on Thanksgiving when the field was covered in snow and ice so everyone was slipping all over the place, it was hysterical. And when I was a student I had season tickets, which I loved, and I've been hooked ever since. I still don't really care much for pro football but I go out of my way to catch every UT game.

I've been known to cuss a bit while watching football, I guess I'll have to watch that when the kid-o arrives. This season we didn't start out ranked very high, I think we started at 11 but now we're at 7. Unfortunately Ike scared off the team we were supposed to play last week and that game has been re-scheduled for next week which means that our 3rd game (today) is against yet another wimpy opponent (Rice), so it won't be much of a game... again. It does make the rest of our schedule jam packed and full of excitement.

Yesterday Jonathan got offered the "work tickets" to the game! Yay! We had figured we weren't going to a game this year, sometimes it's better to just watch it on TV, but at least we'll get to go to one game, and for free. I'm all about the free stuff. I've emailed some friends who tailgate so hopefully we'll stop by and chat for a bit and we have end-zone club passes too. This is the fancy place where they serve alochol and food. You can also hang out there and watch the game on the very big screens if you want to. However the weather looks to be so perfect today, that I think we'll stay in our seats. We may winde up there towards the end of the game after it's already a blow-out.

Hook Em' Horns!

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