Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summertime and crack cones

Most people around here complain about the hot summer weather. It's not so much the heat, but how long it lasts. Sometimes we're wearing shorts at Christmas around here. The heat doesn't bother me much really. The days that it hits 112 are rough, and on occasion I get tired of it, but the heat in general is ok. I suppose I'm just used to it.

As a kid we spent almost every summer weekend at Lake Travis. It's my favorite place around here and wonderful when it's hot out. Lets face it, when it's around 100 every day, being in and around the water is the place to be. I hope our kids can spend tons of weekends at the lake too.

Today we had a "break" in the heat. It was in the low 90's and the humidity was way down, a perfect day to be outside. My first choice would have been a day on the lake, but that couldn't happen. My second choice would have been riding my mountain bike on the greenbelt and then jumping in Barton Springs. But I settled for blowing off my cleaning plans to spend some time outside and Jonathan played hooky for a while. We had lunch on the patio of the Old Alligator Grill which is where part of the movie Office Space was filmed. They have great food and it was the perfect day for it.

After I went by Sno-Beach to get what we call a "crack cone". It's a snow cone but with cream added. I always get root beer and with the cream it tastes like a root beer float. Thank God we have to drive across town to the nearest one.

All-in-all it was a great day. And days like this are why we are staying in Texas. I actually really like the weather here year round. I couldn't handle snow every year, and I really like it when we have an "ice day" and the whole city shuts down. It's quite funny. Spring and Fall around here are both amazing, even if they can be rather short.

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