Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sonogram & a pro-noun

Thanks to Starbucks our little one was awake and moving for the show today.

They measured the fluid on the back of the neck and it is way below the worry mark. Anything less than 3 mm is good and ours is at 1 mm. I also had some blood work done and they'll call in a few days if there is anything to be concerned about.

My mom went with us so she could see the action and we weren't disappointed. I also asked the technician if she could take a guess at the gender. And we're having a boy!!! She was pretty sure that it wasn't just a guess too, there was some strong evidence for it. We'll confirm it in 4 weeks but they've already put "male" on my chart. It's so nice to be able to say "he" now instead of "it". Everyone is very excited. We would have been excited either way, but I had a feeling it was a boy. He was stretching and moving all over the place.

The other great news is that the blood clot is completely gone! Yay! So I've been cleared for normal activity. Yay! I'm going to look on-line for some hiking pants and I'm planning on going for a walk in the morning.

My mom called to tell me that was the most fun she'd ever had at a doctor's office. And Jonathan took video of the whole thing and he's up-loading it now so hopefully I can post that soon. It's very cool. In the mean time, you have the pictures.

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