Tuesday, January 20, 2009

little feet

The baby flipped again. He has resumed kicking my bladder and cervix. It's so uncomfortable. And his head is up so high that it's pushing my diaphragm up and making it even harder to breath. If I hold my boobs up it helps a bit, but people look at me funny if I walk around like that all the time.

I also can't see him move anymore. It was so great to watch the belly bounce around but most of the movement is so low now that I can't see anything. Bummer. My entertainment is gone. And I can't feel him from the outside either. The only way anyone knows he's moving is from me groaning as I get a sudden and unexpected jab that either twinges and feels like he's trying to poke his feet out or makes me run for the toilet.

Basically, it was so much more comfortable when he was head down. I'm praying that he turns again soon, and stays that way.

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