Tuesday, January 6, 2009

28 Week Dr's Apt.

I saw the doctor today and everything went well. They did a sonogram and the little guy isn't so little anymore. He weighs approx. 2lb 10oz. and looks perfect. He was sucking on his hands and kicking my bladder. He's still breach and they say he probably will be until about 32 weeks.

The doc said that my weight gain is on track, pound for pound actually. So I think I should win a prize.

And the doctor loves us. We talked about what hospital we'll be delivering at and he said that they'd probably let us pick. I told him that we're registered at both and that we'll go wherever he is. That's the important thing here. He told us that he wished all his patients could be so easy, and then he hugged me. I just want him to deliver this baby and this baby to get here safe... and preferably not late.

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Jennifer Harris said...

Wow, he sounds really nice! Always what you want in an ob/gyn. When I went into labor at like 1am, the on-call doctor (not mine) sounded really pissed that we had woken her up. I was really glad Emily held out until my doctor got in that morning. She's awesome.