Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Luck

I went to Barton Creek mall today in search of a maternity bra to exercise in and had no luck. I went to Motherhood maternity and if they had anything with big enough cups, it was too big around too, and vise versa. I also didn't like that all the straps they had on everything were too skinny and hurt.

Next I went to JCPenny's and also Lane Briant. Penny's had nothing and Lane Briant only had things that were way too big around, and they sill didn't have a cup size that was big enough. The sales person recommended Fredrick's because they have things that are smaller around and bigger up top, but the only things I could find there were a bit... skimpy.

I have one maternity store to try tomorrow. I ordered a few from a clothing company that I really like and I'll just return them if they don't work. If I can't find anything else I'll go to Petticoat Fair and try there. That's where I got the 2 bras that I have now, I just don't know if they have anything to exercise in. I also haven't tried Academy or REI, but I don't think I'll find anything big enough. This is getting annoying.

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