Friday, March 27, 2009

time is creeping by

I swear someone slowed the clocks down. Everything seemed normal, whatever normal is, until this week. Now it's like it was at the beginning of the pregnancy, like the clocks have practically been stopped.

Don't get me wrong, I want the baby to be cooked when he gets here. I'm just ready to get my body back. I'm swollen everywhere, my feet, hands, and face are all bloated. I hardly recognize myself. And I think my ass has doubled in size since this whole process started. I can't walk any faster than a snail, and calling it walking is pushing it.

This trimester has been the easiest on me. During the first we didn't know if we were going to lose the baby and I was on and off bed rest. During the second trimester I was sick 3 times, still working, and had low iron levels that weren't treated. During this trimester I've been uncomfortable but I've had more energy and even if I don't sleep at night I can nap during the day.

Honestly, being uncomfortable isn't that big a deal. I went through 2 years of CONSTANT pain from when I broke my elbow and was having the surgeries. Compared to that, this is a walk in the park. It's the swelling, looking like shit, and not being able to do what I want to do because I'm so huge that is getting to me.

And I'm having virtually no signs of him coming any time soon. On Monday I had my dr's appointment where they checked me (nothing has changed), I had acupuncture to induce, got some herbs (that make me nauseous) to help things along, had sex, went for a walk, drank green tea, and the most I got were a few mild cramps. I've had some uterine awareness at times. I wouldn't go as far as to say contractions because I can't time them and I have no problem talking, walking, or sleeping while they're going on. They don't hurt at all and it could simply be because this baby is so big that his weight is making my uterus ache a little. They might be braxton hicks contractions, but even calling them that is pushing it.

We have 3 different social things planned this weekend, so at least I'll be distracted. On Monday I start again with acupuncture and a doc appointment. Hopefully I'll actually get to see the doctor this week. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks because he was on vacation and then last week he got called away to an emergency. Starting this week I'll have to go in every other day to get monitored because I'll be past my due date. That's gunna suck. They want to make sure that the baby is still doing fine in there and that the placenta isn't getting old. I suspect they'll start talking about incuding too. The main reason I don't want to be induced is because I don't want it to end in a c-section and inducing increases that risk. Just like getting an epidural increases the risk of having a c-section, so I'm planning on going without one. I've had enough surgeries to know that I don't want another one. My point is that I want this baby to come on his own. They can't induce without me giving consent, I'm just worried that my will is going to crack at some point.

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Anonymous said...


I found your blog via Triplets Plus One (Kristi).
I've been reading for a month or so.
Just thought I'd let you know I was here and wish you good luck!

Tab from Australia