Saturday, March 28, 2009

Super Dad

This is Jonathan a little over a weeks ago. We went to Dream Dinners and put some meals together for when the baby comes. The meals are good and the freezer is over flowing so we should be set for a while. It's fun to do because they do the clean up for you.

I do have a really cute story about Jonathan and the baby. One night last week I was sitting on the couch and the baby was going nuts. Sitting and watching the baby bang around is often our evening entertainment. This particular night he started around 10 PM and by 1 AM I was exhausted. I wanted to go to bed but there was no way with all the activity. So Jonathan got a few books and he sang to the baby and then read to him. Amazingly the baby calmed down as Jonathan started to sing and he was sleeping by the time the books were finished. Baby already calms down just from hearing daddy's voice. Yay!

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