Sunday, March 22, 2009

39 Weeks (-1)

As usual nothing has changed. I'm uncomfortable and I think the baby has finally dropped a little. The fronts of my hips are more sore and I have to pee more. I can only imagine what the water bill is going to be like this month. I haven't noticed that I can breath any better so he hasn't dropped much.

I go to the doctor tomorrow but I suspect I'll be in the waiting room for a very long time because it's his first day back from vacation. Before pregnancy the wait was usually about 3 hours. If he wasn't such a good doctor I wouldn't put up with that but given that I've had 2 surgeries by him and have been seeing him since I was 18 I just plan for it. Now that I'm pregnant the wait is much shorter but last time I saw him it was still an hour. I plan on taking my lap top to distract me.

If there is anything to report I'll update here, but I suspect that nothing has changed... still.

Here is the picture I painted for the baby's room. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

This week:
  • The lanugo has mostly disappeared, but you'll probably find a bit on his shoulders, arms and legs and in those protected little bodily creases. It will vanish completely on its own in time.
  • His lungs are maturing and surfactant production is increasing and fully prepared to take on the outside world!
  • Your baby doesn't have much room to move and certainly mom agrees! Did you imagine 8 months ago that this wee one would be able to hook a toe in your ribs while elbowing your bladder?
  • His body continues laying on the fat stores that will help regulate his body temperature after birth. In addition to normal fat, he is accumulating a special "brown" fat in the nape of his neck, between his shoulders and around organs. Brown fat cells are important for thermogenesis (generating heat) during his first weeks.
  • Your infant's weight is around 7.25 pounds (3288gm) and length is 19.9 inches (50.7cm).


Jennifer Harris said...

Good Lawd! I've never had to wait more than 20 minutes for my obgyn.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry about the lay-off, what rotten timing. :( And all of the other bad news you've recieved, you poor girl. Good news is you'll be blessed with a brand new little baby very soon. That has to make you smile. :)