Friday, August 8, 2008

subchorionic hemorrhage

I’ve hesitated to look anything up on-line about this because I thought it would scare me, but it turns out that what I found was mostly re-assuring. Here is a good Q&A about these things:
click here

And I never thought that I would get any use out of that awful advanced level statistics class in college, but being able to read research outcomes is useful. It was great to actually be able to understand what they were talking about.

I read one that focused specifically on rate of miscarriage based on bed-rest and related to size of the clot. The study followed 230 women and 8.7% ended in miscarriage. Only 6.5% of women on bed-rest miscarried whereas 23.3% who were not on bed-rest miscarried. And there were no association to how long they had bleeding, the age of the fetus when the clot was diagnosed, or the size of the clot. All of this is very good news for me.

So basically I’m staying with taking it easy. I’ll continue to work but Cooper and I probably won’t be going out much, and I’ll continue to nap in the afternoon when he does! On my days off I’m laying low for the most part and Jonathan can just do most of the housework. I can fold laundry and cook a little but after all, I am carrying his baby, he can do a little work too. Sometimes bed-rest seems like work, very very dull work.

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