Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bed Rest

We had a scary night last night. I had some bleeding with cramping and clotting, not a good sign. I freaked out and called the nurses line and a doctor (one of my OB's associates) called me back. He said that 25% of healthy pregnancies have some bleeding in the 1st trimester and that we should do a sonogram to see what's going on. We could have gone to the ER but that would have cost us $100 and kept us up past 3 AM so the doctor met us at the office today to take a look. I did finally manage to sleep some, all things considered.

The doc looks like Tom Selleck, it was odd. The baby has a strong heart beat and I'm 6 weeks 1 day pregnant! Both Jonathan and I cried when we saw the heart beat, I was so worried that we wouldn't find anything. I do have a clot (subchorionic bleed) though so I should expect some more bleeding.

I have to go get blood work done in the morning and have another sonogram later in the week. And I'm on bed rest for 48 hours and then no strenuous activity for 7 days, and that's the protocol for any other bleeding from here on out.

I haven't decided yet about work. The doc said he'd leave that up to me. If I don't have anymore bleeding today then I'll probably go and just take it really easy. I don't have to chase him around anywhere at least. The good news is that they have back-up. They don't know that I'm pregnant, but it looks like they may find out sooner than I had planned. If I do go tomorrow Jonathan will come over and go with us to get blood work done, that way he can lug the baby carrier around, that thing is heavy. Here's a picture of Cooper, he's a cutie.

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Jennifer Harris said...

Geez, guys, the drama's not supposed to come until the kid's a teenager.

Seriously, though, we're saying prayers over here.