Monday, November 24, 2008

Another one bits the dust

Yes internet, that's right, things are still breaking around here. Only things around here seem to have a slow death, we can see them coming and watch them suffer and die miserably. This time it's our 5 disc DVD player. We've cleaned it, blown air into it, and now we're down to banging on it when it doesn't work. We're not replacing it any time soon. We have a one disc DVD player that will do in its place. It means we'll have to walk from the couch to the TV more often, which doesn't seem bad, but when you've been spoiled by being able to switch between DVD's and have two different people have what they want in there and pregnancy suck your butt into the couch like a magnet, it's a bummer.

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Jennifer Harris said...

Ooo, I feel your pain there. Someone at church gave us a laptop, which we've been using to watch dvds on, but it's been acting funky. I think we're going to be forced to actually buy something.