Wednesday, November 26, 2008

96 years

Today would have been my Nanny's 96th birthday. It's funny, I still can't find the right words to say about her, nothing seems good enough. She had a long life, a great life, and I'm grateful for that, but she didn't think she was done living. In her mind, she still had so much she was looking forward to. Her body may have been old, but her mind and her spirit still had so much and that's what makes it hard. When you see someone suffer with illness or fade over time it can be comforting when they finally go, but Nanny wasn't like that. She was the spunkiest little old lady I knew and by far the sharpest resident at that nursing home. I am so thankful that she didn't suffer, she wasn't crippled by the stroke, and that it was quick but no matter how I try and justify it, I would so much rather just have her back.

Nanny took care of me every day after school, from kindergarten through high school. She was always there. When she'd pick me up from school I'd always ask for a chocolate malt and french frys. Sometimes we'd go out for them, and sometimes she'd make them at home. I didn't get them all the time, it was a treat, but I always think of her when I have a chocolate malt.

Anyways, I could go on forever here, tell tons of stories, share lots of pictures (which I will put a few up in the next few days) but I'm too tried right now. I just got back from having dinner with my family at her favorite restraunt, Catfish Parlor. We would have been there tonight with her and I think she'd be thrilled to know that 20 of us got together to celebrate.

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