Friday, December 5, 2008


I haven't put the pictures on my computer yet but the sonogram went really well. Our little guy looks perfect! He's measuring about 3 days behind but they said that was perfect. All of his organs looked great and his body parts are all there. We saw him swallowing and sucking on his hands. He was also a bit stubborn, the sonographer was trying to get a cross section of his spine and he wouldn't move. I have no idea where he gets the stubbornness from...

After the appointment we walked over to the hospital and took a tour of labor and delivery. We also signed up for a child birth preparation class that's tomorrow from 9 to 4, so it's going to be a long day.

My belly is really sore now from having it poked, prodded, and shaken around for so long. I don't think the baby liked it either, he sure did kick a lot during the process. Hopefully it will be better in the morning.

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