Saturday, December 27, 2008

27 Weeks

I can't believe we're at 27 weeks already and approaching the 3rd trimester. If you notice, the little counter on the side says how many more days we have and it's below 100!

Symptoms have been about the same. Heart burn and reflux have been the biggest annoyance and I'm always trying to stay on top of things so I don't get leg cramps at night. My feet were a little swollen before Vegas but they poofed up like an old Russian woman during the trip and have yet to return to normal, I may not see them again until after delivery. At least it's not summer. Someone mentioned swimming to help, but then I realized that I don't have a swim suit that I would fit into.

The baby is getting much stronger and he's flipping around constantly. Sometimes I have feet in my bladder and sometimes they are in my ribs. All of my internal organs have headed north so it's getting harder to breath. The cool think is sitting on the couch and watching him move. It's hard to imagine how big I'm going to be in 3 more months because I already feel like a beached whale.

This week:
  • Your little one's brain continues its rapid growth. Don't forget to share music, conversation, and even books with your baby!
  • Response to sound grows more consistent toward the end of the seventh month, when the network of nerves to the ear is complete. Your baby's hearing continues to develop, he or she may start to recognize your voice as well as your partner's.
  • Lungs continue to grow and prepare for functioning outside of the womb. Each day in the womb greatly increases survival rates!
  • He also continues to take small breaths and although he's only breathing in water and not air, it's still good practice for when he's born.
  • Eyelids are now open more. Your baby can distinguish between light and dark.
  • Retinas have formed.
  • Your baby will grow over an inch this week alone! You may suspect this phenomenal growth rate repeats in the preteen years!
  • Average size is now 14.4 inches (36.6cm) and 1.9 pound (875gm).

I'm working on a Vegas post, hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow.

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