Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation here we come

On Wednesday we're leaving town for a few days. We're going down to the coast, about 4.5 hours away, for 3 nights. Jack is sleeping really well so I think we'll be fine there but I'm really worried about the car ride.

On Saturday we made an attempt to take Jack to the farm but didn't make it. He was screaming bloody murder. We pulled over and I took him out and got him calm but as soon as we got back in the car he started right back up. He was beat red and was screaming so hard he wasn't breathing. I was in the back seat and he was just looking at me like "why won't you pick me up", it was awful. I was crying too at one point.

I ordered a new car seat. It's the next size up but holds little ones too. I have my doubts about it working but it's worth a try. I'm also going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if there is anything we can give him because I think he gets car sick. He was spitting up a bit after we got home on Saturday. I also made a play list in itunes that we keep playing during the day and we'll take it with us in the car. I'm not sure what else to do, accept possibly buy ear plugs.

We are looking forward to being at the beach though. I'm really excited that we're going during the week when the crowds will be less. We plan on going to the aquarium, the museum, and the beach.

My dad is super great and he is using some of his points for our hotel! It even has an inside pool so Jack might like it. I tried to take him swimming a few weeks ago and as soon as I dipped his toes in he went postal so this is how he spent his pool time:

Hopefully this time will go a little better.

I have a feeling that we'll be spending most of our evenings in the hotel so I might even have time to blog a bit.

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