Monday, June 29, 2009

3 months old

Dear Jack,

This is going to short and sweet, just like you, because I'm tired. A lot has happened this month. We took a trip to the coast on your first vacation. It was great and you actually did okay in the car. We bought you a new car seat and a fan and I sat in the back with you. It all helped and somehow all of us survived.

You are getting quite strong and getting very close to rolling from your back to your front. You are sleeping really well too. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and checked on you via the monitor. It was 2 AM and you were in there wide awake! You were talking and smiling at the animals on the wall. It was super cute but it was also 2 AM, when you're supposed to be sleeping. I debated about going in and giving you your binky but I decided to wait until you fussed a bit... and you never did. It took about 20 minutes but you eventually sucked on your thumb and fell asleep. It was great to know that you could be totally awake and go to sleep on your own but also sad in a way because it's very clear that your newborn days are behind us.

Another bitter sweet thing that happened is that daddy got a job! It's super exciting because it means that I get to continue to stay home with you and that our life will continue as if he never got laid-off. It's a little sad because it means that daddy will be going back to work and won't be spending as much time with us. I know that we will all miss each other. It all worked out perfectly actually, just like you.


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