Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So it turns out that I'm a bit crunchy

This is one thing about motherhood that I didn't expect. I've always recycled but the rest is all new. We co-slept for a while, I wear Jack places, and we are doing the cloth diaper thing, which I love.
I wasn't sure about it before we tried it but now I won't ever go back. We had originally planned on using disposables at night and when we go out but Jack gets rashes so easily that we now take cloth with us everywhere and use them at night too. We even switched to using cloth wipes which is easier. Jonathan was worried about the ick factor but it's not bad at all, we'll see if that changes when he starts solid foods. We are very organized about the whole thing which makes it work really well.

And speaking of diapers, it's time to go change a one...

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little b said...

I loooove the new banner photo. I also love it when I have the clothes line full of diapers all lined up. They look very festive. A poo festival, perhaps.