Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jack and the Corn Stalk

We took Jack out to the farm yesterday for the first time. The little booger slept the whole time.

Thankfully he did okay in the car. I have the one baby who doesn't like the car. If I time everything right he does fine. By that I mean if he's tired and ready to go down for a nap then he's okay while he's napping but as soon as he wakes up it's all over. I wonder if he gets car sick but I would think that he would always cry if that were the case. I'm hoping he changes his mind because it makes going anywhere a pain and we tend to just stay home to avoid the tantrum.


Jennifer Harris said...

I seem to remember car rides being somewhat hit and miss with Emily at first. Thankfully she came around to our way of thinking and has always been able sleep with the drop of a hat in the car. I was really worried she'd get carsick like me.

little b said...

I have a friend who has had TWO babies like that. Awful. I hope he grows out of it. Her first one did around age 1, but then the little one came soon after and now the older one gets upset that the little one is crying. I think I would never go out.

Laura's Blog said...

He is SOOOOO cute!
Hope Jack outgrows the car thing! It really makes it hard to go anywhere.