Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The fussy baby stopper

This is Jack's new favorite place. Jonathan needed to study the other day and Jack was super fussy because he was tired and wouldn't go to sleep so I took him out to give Jonathan some quiet. It's hard to know if the car is going to make things better or worse but because he was so tired it worked out. We went to the Austin Baby Store to check out the new location and pick up some cloth wipes. We've been having lots of problems with his little bum getting really raw so we've switched to cloth wipes. It has helped a ton but now we have a dozen packages of wipes that we aren't going to use.

Anyways, it worked out so that I fed Jack at the store, tried on this sling and it made him happy so I used my birthday money to get it. It's actually made by a person here in town and it works great. We walked around to a few different stores in the area while he chilled. Since then every time he gets really fussy I stick him in it and it seems to help.

We're also having breast feeding issues again so I called a lactation consultant today and left a message. Hopefully we'll get things sorted out soon. It is frustrating though.

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