Friday, April 17, 2009

2 week dr's visit

On Tuesday we took Jack to the doctor for his first well-check. It turned out to be a big day. First, he lost his umbilical cord that morning. Finally. I had been waiting for it to fall off so we could start using the cloth diapers, which make him look really big by the way.

I also needed an actually nursing bra as I only had sleep bra's so we were going to stop by the maternity store before the appointment because I had Jonathan to watch the baby and we tossed lunch in there too just because.

So lunch went fine. We went to Boomerang's because it's quick and very yummy. Then it was off to Special Addition for some bra shopping. This is now the only maternity store I will go to. It's locally owned, the people are extremely helpful, they have a return policy (unlike most other places) and I can find affordable things there if I look hard enough. At one point Jack got a little fussy, I think from being in the car seat for so long, and Jonathan was able to rock him and he was fine. Of course I was leaking milk everywhere because of the fussing, which makes bra shopping a little more tricky, but we managed. I now actually have a nursing bra.

His appointment was last on the list and unfortunately he was starting to get a little hungry as we got there. We put him on the scale and he was up to 9 lbs 7 oz! Holy Cow! Almost a pound above his birth weight already. I expected him to be at his birth weight, but that far over it was impressive. He's 75% for weight and 50% for height and head. And the doctor said he looks perfect. We're not going to worry about the tongue tie issue unless we start having problems, but so far I think we're good. The poor guy was screaming by the time the appointment was over so I found a place to feed him and was able to nurse before heading home.

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